School is a Tool

The divide between the bourgeoisie and the proletarian socially, politically and economically becomes ever wider, even in this period of austerity. There are copious reasons for this inverse humanitarian anomaly but one of is simply that; school is not a conjunctive institution to alternatives, namely Marxism. The education of the masses in alternative systems to capitalism is not adhering with the system itself, so why would they teach it to us? This is not a new concept, it hasn’t been asserted of the left as another thing to lament since the economic crisis of 2008. Educational institutions has been identified as just one of the components that constitute Louis Althussers ‘Ideological state apparatus’ theory. The education system works in tandem with the law, the media and religion to name but a few in teaching us all monotonous subordination. All of these institutions in should be noted are concurrently being removed from state control and in the hands of private owners. The purpose of our school is train us for the imperialist workforce, to distill us with the stamina to run on the hamster wheel of employment until our mid 60’s, an age that the youth of today will inevitably meet, and when we do it will likely be even higher.

The fundamental years of learning and enlightenment are saturated with mathematical equations you will never use in your life, of religious teaching that are ever dwindling in the eyes of society, with repetitious emphasis on how to speak and spell properly while they teach us about William Shakespeare, the man known as the innovate of slang, how contradictory. They teach us that we are only as good as the grades we receive on results day and the marks we are adjudged to have earned from our teachers. They teach us that the girl across the hall from you is better than you because that A she has received is better than your C. This is a system that inevitably benefits the bourgeoisie and it is no coincidence that it does so. We have students who are unaware of historical occurrences and they don’t know the value of x. for many students the ethos of ‘one size fits all’ is disparate to reality. Is the great Albert Einstein not proof that this method of assessment is incorrect and unfair? He was considered to be an ‘underachiever’ in school yet history will forever remember his name.

Schools are not there to not teach us how to critically think, to alternative theories and content outside of the curriculum. Everyone has their own thought processes, preferences and abilities and we are taught and assessed through the same means? It’s very cognitive with Darwin’s concept of the apex predator. It proposes and personifies that if you don’t learn through our means you will earn your F, and it’s justifying the system and as if this condescending grade stands for ‘fair’. This policy of education needs to be addressed as it is a contradiction to equality. It is a hegemonic ideological state apparatus enforced by the bourgeoisie. This system proclaims too justly fit us into our roles into society while covertly teaching us to look down on the ones who earn less than we do because they are ‘less intelligent’ or ‘less deserving’. Is it not contradictory that we are taught collectivism through the value of team work, yet the next day the emphasis is on individualism and the survival of the fittest?

If schools endorsed the theory of the Karl Marx, if they educated students on his revolutionary literature and how it permeates through history right up until present day. Its not because his theories are not relevant today or as the bourgeoisie would have us believe that ‘Marxism is dead’ that they do not teach his theories in schools, its quite the opposite. Just image it, Capital being in the school library next to Of Mice & Men, Great Expectations and Romeo and Juliet. Imagine if that silly man with the big beards work was to be placed in the libraries amongst Dickens and Shakespeare. Unfortunately they avoid this eventuality by shelving Animal Farm, the objective of which is to really hammer home that look; “communism doesn’t work because everyone is greedy and people won’t work together”. This point is mentioned us to twenty minutes before our maths teacher tell you that cooperation is essential. “The uniting of all these contradictions in a single group, where they will stand face to face, will result the struggle which will itself eventuate in the emancipation of the proletariat

A sporadic auspicious thing does however occur in higher education, as pertaining to certain subjects; Marx’s work IS touched upon. Too little, too late however, the preceding years to higher education (if people should even choose to take the option) has thoroughly immersed the majority into the status quo. They don’t know want to begin questioning what they’ve been taught all their lives. In the words of the great man “question everything”.

This is by no means an attack on the acquisition of knowledge, the youth should educate themselves and theory’s, facts, names, methods, times that relate to them. The youth of today is the wealth of tomorrow. Don’t let our school and our assessment system determine your life. “In bourgeoisie society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependant and has no individuality”.

James Jackson

July 2013